Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

After a completely and totally unsuccessful try on writing every 3 weeks I decided to start all over again.

I'm not completely sure why I stopped, as I was really enjoying it, but I did. I left my to-write list forgotten in my Notion page and, after some weeks of visiting it and brainstorming new ideas, I never looked back at it 😢. You may say I was kind of stuck. I focused on my job, sports, personal life and, of course, my reading (which is something I'd hardly let it go. We even started a technical book-club in my job!🤓).

But hey! I'm back here again and I'm pretty excited about what's coming on: I started a new side-project and I decided it would be a good idea to blog its evolution. I consider it a win-win as it will give me motivation both for developing and writing 💪🏻.

I'm still not completely sure about the whole idea, but it will be something that, hopefully, will help me with my reading. It's related to books and sharing reviews and notes (but not like Goodreads 🙃). Also, I'm not totally sure I'll promote it properly. That's not my main motivation right now. The main motivation is, as usual, learning.

You know, as software developers, we are constantly learning. That's kind of a fact. There will always be new technologies, methodologies, environments, tools, languages and frameworks to learn. Of course a person cannot know them all, but I think a side-project it's a good way to check for new stuff and give them a try (and not just follow a simple tutorial). You may treat it as a playground, and you will be able to properly learn at your own pace. Besides, you may create something useful for you (and who knows, for a lot of people 🤯).

There is a second, maybe hidden, motivation. And that is staying sharp. Luckily, I've been doing quite well in my job, and I was promoted to technical leadership positions. That's a great challenge, and I like it, but I ended up losing focus on developing and started focusing in the team. I'm not saying I'm a worse developer than before, but programming is not my main task right now, and I'm starting to miss it.

Now, as some people say, I'll start small and leave it here for now. Hopefully this will help keeping me motivated.

Happy coding! 💻